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Circuit Breaker Extension? 5 More Ideas to Make the Most of Your Time

Updated: May 2, 2020

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Oh no, another four weeks of the circuit breaker? You are probably running out of things to do at home by now and let’s be honest, there’s only this many cooking recipes and Netflix series one can keep up with.

We feel your pain, but we are also optimistic that this can be a period when you can work on improving other areas of your life that span beyond cooking and fitness skills.

Here are five ideas that can not only boost your quality of life, but the lives of others around you.

1. Learn Your Strengths for Work Scenarios: StandOut Assessment

While you’re not “at” work physically, it is a good time for you to evaluate your strengths and abilities for your long-term career growth. This free test, which will take you about 15 minutes to complete, helps you to identify the kind of role you thrive best in at work, and even includes a comprehensive 14-18 page report to help you understand yourself better. This is an excellent and thorough assessment to present to your team manager so that you can work out the best way to contribute to your company in your present role. Or, it might even reveal to you that you need a career switch.

Take the test here.

2. Be a Good Neighbour

Kampung Kakis allows you to do just that. This is a ‘buddy system’ initiative that will enable you to connect with those in need within your neighbourhood. Furthermore, to prevent social contact, it does not require you to do much more than merely connecting with a call to offer a listening ear, delivering groceries or a meal to the door with distancing precautions in place, or pointing someone to the right resources or organisation. This networking system allows you to do what is within your means so that you do not burn out.

See, the truth about doing good in this world is this: we need not do everything as one person, but together we can do so much, as long as each one does his/her part.

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Find out more about Kampung Kakis here.

3. Talk About It

We use video calls to hold work meetings, catch up, and sometimes play games together. How about facilitating a discussion to reflect and process how you feel about Covid-19 together?

Smoltok is a series of cards created to facilitate intentional and more in-depth discussions amongst teams and social groups. The company has now created a new digital deck called New Normal, aimed at helping groups and teams process and adapt to the current lifestyle that we have been forced into. It is designed to be played within groups of 4-6, just before or after a teleconference. If you are a manager or leader of a team, why not use this at your next video call?

You can access the free digital deck here.

4. Exercise… Your Mind

fama singapore saturday night breakdown with professors zoro and robyn banner

Even though we can’t compete or fight during this time, we can most certainly strategise for it! Amongst the few Zoom classes that have been catered to our FaMA members, we have also been hosting Saturday Night Breakdown live with Professors Zoro and Robyn. There, they discuss all aspects of competing in martial arts, including how to cut weight, schedule training, rules, and so much more.

Not a FaMA member yet? You can still engage your strategic thinking with Professor Thiago’s BJJ breakdown analysis on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

fama singapore bjj analysis with professor thiago

As for the Muay Thai practitioners, we have something for you on social media too. Kru Yo’s shows some of his favourite Muay Thai combos put together based on his rich experiences as a fighter. These combinations bring a strategic edge to your Muay Thai sparring, and we even briefly explain the “why” behind them in our posts. Don’t miss out on that.

fama singapore muay thai combos with kry yo lamnammoon

5. (Not So) Secret Santa, May Edition

Some of us might be old enough to remember what it was like to have penpals back in the day. At some point, digital communication like texting and emails took a dominant place in our lives, phasing out the concept of sending traditional letters to each other.

Yet, there is a sweetness in receiving something in the mail. Think about every time you receive that package from the online store you last shopped at - feels like Christmas has come early, doesn’t it? Why not disrupt your friends’ monotonous circuit breaker routine by having a care package, meal, or cold brew coffee delivered to their doorstep? Even better if it’s a surprise!

Home delivered cold brew coffee anyone?

Of course, do so with social responsibility and consideration in mind. Don’t execute mass online delivery orders at one go; spare a thought for our delivery service providers who might be handling increased requests during this period!


Do you have interesting ideas and ways to make the Circuit Breaker extension a more fruitful period? Be sure to share them on social media and tag us @famasg, so we can share these ideas with our FaMAly.

Stay safe, everyone!

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