FaMA Weekly #83

In this issue of FaMA Weekly we wish Professor Zoro a happy birthday, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Guest Instructor Professor Filipe sends some words of encouragement from Brazil, the FaMA team translates "stay safe/healthy", Kru Yo shares a new Muay Thai combo and finally FaMA's instructors reminisce about when and how they first got started in martial arts.

Happy birthday Professor Zoro!

We had another birthday boy for the month of May.

Though he likes to call everyone BIG MONSTER we all know him as the BIG SWEETHEART.


“When I Was A Beginner…”:

FaMA - Instructors Reminisce - Part One

It is hard to imagine our lean and mean FaMA instructors being novices, but yes, they were once fumbling beginners just like the rest of us. Financial challenges and negative self-image were just a number of the obstacles they had to face, but with perseverance and the right instruction, they have come this far. The fruit of their labour is what we get to experience and glean from today.

We decided to get them to take a trip down memory lane with stories from their early days in martial arts - and yes, it took a bit of digging up (for some more than most! 😉 ).

These stories serve as a reminder that every specialist has to start at the beginning. If they could get to where they are today, who is to say you can't? Be inspired not to quit as you read these candid memories.

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Whether it's a bingo, working out, cooking or arts and crafts, FaMA Live has your kids covered.

We're glad to hear everyone has been enjoying the FaMA Kids Parties over the last few weeks as we are also really enjoying doing them too. FaMA members please check your email on Monday for your invitation to next week's FaMA Live classes.

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Former BJJ Guest Instructor and FaMA ambassador, Professor Filipe, with some words of encouragement all the way from Brazil.

Don't let your Muay Thai skills slip during the circuit breaker. Follow along Kru Yo as he shares new Muay Thai combos to add to your shadowboxing.

Tuesday, 19 May

Use the push kick to keep your partner at a distance until you are ready to attack with a punch combination and land a strong kick.

1. jab 2. lead leg push kick 3. jab, cross 4. rear leg push kick 5. jab, cross, hook 6. rear kick

While we’re all eagerly awaiting for Phase 2 to begin, we hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy.

Portuguese - esteja com saúde Spanish - buen salud Thai - ขอให้ทุกคนพักผ่อน มีสุขภาพร่างกายที่แข็งแรงครับ! Chinese - bǎo chí jiàn kāng Bahasa Melayu - jaga kesihatan

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FaMA - Fitness and Martial Arts

Established in 2016, FaMA is a world-class martial arts academy located in the heart of the Central Business District in Singapore. Walking distance from Clarke Quay and Fort Canning MRT stations, FaMA’s main goal is to help people improve their lives through martial arts regardless of age or athletic capability. Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kids Martial Arts and Fitness programs are led by experts in their respective fields. So, whether it is weight loss, a fun workout, camaraderie, competition training, or just to break a sweat, FaMA has something for the whole family.


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