FaMA Weekly #92

In this issue of FaMA Weekly we get recognised by SG Clean, Kru Yo shares a new Muay Thai combo on avoiding kicks and Coach Kirstie shares fitness tips on how to do wall balls.

SG Clean

For those that have come through FaMA you know how seriously we take our cleanliness so it's great to now be recognised by the SG Clean program ensuring that all who visit have a clean and safe place to train.

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Kru Yo's Weekly Muay Thai Combo

This week, to avoid getting kicked, we’re working on sliding back and trying not to stick out butts out.

1. cross 2. hook 3. rear knee 4. rear kick x2 5. slide back 6. lead switch kick 7. slide back 8. rear kick

FaMA Fit Live

A few useful tips on how to get the most out of your wall ball with Coach Kirstie Gannaway.

Don't forget to join us for FaMA Fit Live next weekend with Coaches Kirstie and Zoro from 10:30 to 11:30 am. These online classes are FREE and open to the public. Just click on the dates below to reserve your spot.

Sat, 8 August - Coach Kirstie

Sun, 9 August - Coach Zoro

FaMA Fit Live is a fitness-focused class with a martial arts twist. The class consists of a range of bodyweight movement concepts and martial arts techniques. No equipment needed.

“When I Was A Beginner…” :

Fitness and Martial Arts Instructors Reminisce

An excerpt from our recent “When I was a beginner…” series where FaMA’s instructors share how they got started in martial arts. This week it’s all about our FaMA Fit and Little Tigers Muay Thai coach, Kirstie Gannaway.

I started boxing at age 15, after watching my brother competing in the sport. I'd always been interested in fighting, and my brother was the push to get me started.

(Read the full story of Kirstie's martial arts journey here!)

Years later, I started attending BJJ classes. I knew a few basic submissions but didn't know how to front roll properly. So during a gym trial, I made a complete fool of myself by rolling into the wall. At least things looked up a little when I managed to submit one of the regular students during sparring later on!

I have always found martial arts very humbling. I used to think I was so tåough… until I got punched in the head. Getting submitted countless times daily also gave me a chance to deal with my ego. I learned to accept moments of defeat at an early age.

Over the years, I faced a few significant obstacles, such as lack of patience, negativity, and dealing with aggression and self-criticism. These were the most challenging barriers that I had to learn to overcome to move forward in my training, particularly as a professional. Thankfully I learned the importance of enjoying the process from my teachers. Also, to pay attention during my training sessions and practice applying my 100% focus while there. My teachers have also taught me to understand why I make mistakes during training, and to see things in a positive and constructive light.

Whether you are young or old, I believe that focus, respect, and discipline are important aspects to focus on in martial arts training. This is because these are essential life skills. One thing I would encourage adult learners to do, though, is to have fun and not be afraid of looking silly! Don't let the fear of failure or the spirit of perfectionism hinder your progress. As I said before, it's about learning to examine your mistakes in a positive light.

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