It Runs in the FaMAly: Circuit Connector, Not Circuit Breaker - Part II

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Being cooped up at home together 24/7 can mean sometimes getting in each other’s way. For some of our FaMAlies, these challenges have become opportunities to work out their differences and enjoy their time together. They tell all here...


The Mehta Family

"For the last 12 years, we have always traveled home for summer break to see our family and friends. With current travel restrictions in place, I am not sure when we will make it back or if our family will be allowed to visit us here. On the bright side, my husband Dipen can be home with the family as he is also unable to travel for work for now.

fama singapore kids martial arts bjj brazilian jiu jitsu competition
Jaiden and Kayan competing at SG Youth Grappling Championship last October.

Jaiden is independent with his online learning, and I only help him schedule his days to balance out the various activities. Kayan (the younger one) is not meeting teachers online, and so home-based learning is more challenging for him. I usually sit with him for his subjects, and it gives me time to see what he can accomplish.It has not been easy for so many of us to be home all day with our family, but I have appreciated the time we have had together. This will eventually end, so I would encourage all of us to enjoy the fun times for now. We have been playing games, doing puzzles, taking walks, and just having the time that we usually don't have otherwise."

Nilam Mehta, FaMA member and mother of Jaiden (Junior Champion) and Kayan (Medium Monstro)


The Chay Family

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"We have tried to keep to a schedule as close to a normal school day as possible. As such, everyone is up by 7 am. We take out the "rainy day" template for their activities (stuff that we do when we can't get out of the house). We are mindful that they get a lot more screen time these days… so we bought science, painting, and craft kits to help them get away from that and also to learn a little. They generally make up games with their own imagination, have learned to cook, and of late also learned how to jump on a pogo stick.

I think the kids do miss going out… but have adapted quite fast at home. It is us adults who have taken a long time to grab this home confinement concept. When this is over, I look forward to going to FaMA, the pub or golf course, but mostly to meet up with friends and family in person as opposed to over video. There is no replacing human interaction.

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Children are more adaptable to change than you would think or expect. We are usually the barrier to that, so we should always approach anything with an open mind and a positive attitude as they mirror our feelings and emotions. And if all else fails, some YouTube videos or cartoons always helps!"

Carl Chay, FaMA BJJ Blue Belt and father of Olivia (Medium Monstro) and Ava (Little Warrior)


The Mak Family

fama singapore daddy daughter martial arts bjj brazilian jiu jitsu

"I work in essential services, so nothing much has changed for me. However, my wife has tried to continue the routine for the kids and takes them out for walks or bike rides when they get restless. The lacking social element of the circuit breaker has gotten my daughter most upset, not being able to see her friends. On the other hand, it doesn't seem to bother my son. A lot of it boils down to a difference in personality.

I would say that being cooped up at home does increase irritability and tension. So we have to be mindful of this. We also try to introduce new activities to keep them stimulated. My son learned to ride a bike (which he refused to do before the circuit breaker). We are also getting them to help out in the kitchen and learn to bake."

Charles Mak, FaMA BJJ brown belt and father of Therese (Medium Monstro)

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