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6 Incredible Kids Parties We Hosted in the Circuit Breaker…That Didn’t Involve Martial Arts!

fama singapore coaches and assistant instructors teaching the fama kids cooking games mobility dance painting origami

Hang on, isn't this a martial arts school?

Our young FaMA members were treated to some exciting classes over the Circuit Breaker! In between fitness "parties" to keep the FaMA Kids moving (and give the parents some breathing room), some of our Assistant Instructors stepped up. They invited the little ones into their world - a world beyond fitness and martial arts.

Whether it was through baking, bingo, painting parties, or Disney dancing, the kids were enriched and entertained by our assistant instructors. The latter has proven to be the jack of all trades with their diversified portfolio of talents and interests!

Here's what we adults missed at the FaMA Kids Parties last month…

1. Bingo Party with Assistant Instructor Steve

fama singapore kids martial arts assistant instructor steve playing bingo

A game commonly associated with retirees and seniors has been reintroduced to the young generation thanks to Assistant Instructor Steve! He began by getting the FaMA Kids to create their own bingo boards, listing out numbers from 1 to 30. After that, he would call out numbers at random. Kids who managed to cross out numbers in a row 'won' a FaMA t-shirt that they would claim back at the academy when it re-opens. This was a great exercise that taught the kids to be attentive and listen carefully to their coach!

2. Baking Party with Coach Kirstie

fama singapore kids martial arts coach kirstie gannaway teaching how to cook energy balls

Well, it turned out to be a "no-bake" baking class, as Coach Kirstie showed the FaMA Kids how to make an easy, tasty snack without kitchen appliances - very safe! It was an excellent opportunity for the younger kids to exercise their motor skills with mixing, kneading, and making shapes out of the ingredients. Everyone received a simple nutritional lesson out of this, too! "Have you ever had too much sugar that caused you to be really hyper, and you end up needing to take a nap after?" Kirstie reminded the kids about the downsides of having too much sugar in their system, with this straightforward example! We certainly hope they were listening!

3. Disney Dance Party with Assistant Instructor Candy

fama singapore kids martial arts assistant instructor candy teaching dance and bjj

Just as adults love to put on a pumping playlist to work out to, the little ones need something to get them motivated. Coach Candy knew that, and so she put on a Disney playlist that included favourite tunes from movies like Frozen, The Little Mermaid, and Madagascar! That certainly got everyone grooving and moving.

Coach Candy also helped the kids revise their belt tying techniques on their' training dummy', which came in the form of a pillow, bolster, or stuffed toy.

4. Painting & Craft Party with Assistant Instructor Sue-Ann

fama singapore kids martial arts assistant instructor sue ann teaching painting and origami

Coach Sue took the children on a little journey of self-exploration and expression through paint and craft! In her first painting class, she showed them how to create impressive abstract visuals with alternative tools such as sponges, old cards, and crushed up balls of paper. The subsequent class was an origami lesson where the FaMA Kids folded their own crowns using either craft or upcycled paper. They were then encouraged to decorate it applying techniques from the first painting class.

5. Mobility Training with Assistant Instructor Nevash

fama singapore kids martial arts assistant instructor nevash teaching mobility and flexibility

Guess who came by during the weekday Kids Parties? Coach Nevash, who specialises in athlete performance training, imparted some of his fantastic mobility and stretching practices for the kids. These movements would help them remain active, mobile, and loose so that they can be ready to pick up where they left off when they return to the academy!

6. Pancake Party with Assistant Instructor Tim

fama singapore kids martial arts assistant instructor tim teaching how to make pancakes

Did you know that Assistant Instructor Uncle Tim has worked in a professional kitchen since he was a young child? The prolific chef decided to share a pancake recipe with the FaMA Kids on one weekend. Together with his son and "sous chef" Oscar Yee (also a FaMA Junior Champion), Uncle Tim walked us through a no-frills process of making delicious pancakes, as well as how to imprint a cool FaMA logo on them!

This class was made even more entertaining with co-host, Coach Kirstie, who 'interviewed' Coach Uncle Tim along the way. Older "kids" like Coach Candy were also seen in this class!


As you can see, our Assistant Instructors are more than just about martial arts. We have discovered so much about them, thanks to their contributions to make learning fun for the FaMA Kids.

What other online parties, classes, and sessions do you want to see before we meet again? Let us know at

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