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Welcome Home, FaMAly: What to Expect During the Modified Period

75 days was way too long for us to be apart, and we could barely contain our excitement when we finally opened our doors again on 20 June! It has been awesome to see so many of your faces since. We look forward to seeing the rest of the FaMAly!

No hugging just yet, but... hello again!!

Since our opening, classes at FaMA have been modified in line with the social distancing and hygiene guidelines implemented by the Ministry of Health and SportsSG. These modifications will stay in place until the government confirms that it is safe to move forward.

Yes, it doesn't feel the same when certain activities can't be done (we know, we miss sparring too). But thanks to our team's consistent efforts to innovate and resource for new ideas to train safely but effectively, we've received much feedback that our modified classes have been interesting and sometimes more challenging than they were back in the day!

Lots of communications have gone out, but in case you need the general outline of what to expect when training at FaMA during Phase II, here goes.

Arriving at FaMA

If you are coming for a class, please only show up 10 minutes before it begins. When you arrive, remember to scan the SafeEntry QR code at our front door to check yourself in for contact tracing purposes. Your temperature will be taken by front desk staff, and you may place your shoes on one of the shelf compartments before proceeding up the stairs.

The toilet and lockers are available for use during this period.

During your class

To keep safe distancing and reduce contact during our classes, we have marked ten boxes on our mats for class attendees. Once you are ready to step into the mats, proceed straight to one of the boxes with your towel and drink bottle. Do not remove your mask until you step into your marked area.

Each student will be provided with their solo equipment for the class, such as a punching bag, kettlebells, dumbbells, skipping ropes, and pads. We ask that you remain in your box during the duration of the class, unless necessary. If you need to step out, remember to wear your mask and walk within the mat's designated walkway.

Mats and equipment are cleaned after every class, so you can rest assured that whatever you are in contact with during your session is well-sanitised.

After the class

Once the class is over, the instructor will release you to leave the mats in two batches. Socialising makes up the central aspect of why we love to train together. Unfortunately, we ask that you do not linger outside the mats after class to do this.

Our showers are also available for use during this period. However, laundry services are suspended. As such, we also ask that you bring your own towels for your workout and shower. Note that up to 2 people can be in the locker and shower area at any one time.

Remember to check out from the Safe Entry app as you leave the gym! This is so that you can avoid any unnecessary contact tracing hassles in the unfortunate event that someone in your vicinity is found to be infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Looking ahead together

As we monitor the situation and learn more about what works for everyone within the boundaries of the regulations, we will continue to modify our schedule and operations accordingly. As of 26 June, we have updated our modified schedule and made some tweaks to our membership arrangements.

Our Modified Period kicked off on 1 July. What does this mean? Since we are unable to provide full BJJ and Muay Thai programs, members are given the choice of one of the following:

  • Opting-in and reactivating their membership

  • Purchasing a modified membership

  • Continuing to keep their membership suspended until we can return to relative normality

We have updated our FAQ page to clarify how things are running during the modified period. At the same time, we are happy to clear up any further doubts that you might have. Don't hesitate to reach out with a call or email.

But most importantly, if you are able-bodied and healthy, we are looking forward to having you at one of our classes very soon! We miss you, and it will be our joy to have you step onto our mats again.

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