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Breaking Down the FaMA Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Competition Results: A Professor's Perspective

fama's kids brazilian jiu jitsu bjj instructor professor robyn taking notes



0-1 matches, 4-2 points, 5-3 advantages

First up was Arthur, stepping onto the competition floor for the first time with only months of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Little Warrior training at FaMA. We had no idea we were in store for an action-packed match.

The match began with a quick back take, earning the opposition a 4-point lead. Arthur stayed strong, fending off multiple rear-naked choke attempts. After what felt like an eternity, Arthur finally escaped, hoping to turn the tide.

Both competitors returned to their feet. Arthur managed to get on the scoreboard with a quick takedown. A back-and-forth battle ensued, leading to a scramble where young Arthur attempted what could only be considered a 4-year-old's version of a straight foot lock. Calls for Arthur to release the foot drew the attention of the referee, who quickly positioned himself to assess the danger of this illegal attempt. Time expired with the foot still in young Arthur’s hands.

Though we lost the match by a close score, the 5-3 advantage truly highlights the action-packed nature of these little warriors. All love and smiles from Arthur, enjoying the start of his competitive career in BJJ.


2-1 matches : Silver medal

Entering the arena with no prior competition experience was young Lucas. Once the referee gave the signal, it was time to put practice into action. Lucas was able to secure a quick 4 points, achieving his first victory. With a deep bracket, there were more fights ahead.

The second bout started out rough. A small distraction led Lucas to give up 2 points to his opponent with a fast takedown. In a harrowing back-and-forth battle, Lucas scored to take the lead in the final 30 seconds. For many, this would have been a sure victory, but the opponent rallied back with an armbar attempt in the final seconds, putting Lucas on the defensive. Despite some concern for his arm, Lucas secured the victory.

Entering the finals, exhausted from the previous matches, Lucas continued to show determination.

Against a strong opponent, who strategically edged out a victory, we faced our first loss but also earned our first medal.

Going 2-1 to achieve Silver in a tough division is amazing for young Lucas in his first-ever competition.

fama singapore kids brazilian jiu jitsu bjj competitors with medals


2-0 : Gold Medal

Next up was the seasoned Abigail. With considerable competition experience, this young Medium Monstro had her eyes set on earning the fastest submission of the competition.

The first match sent ripples through the division. Abigail, known for her quick guard pull and forceful armbar, did not disappoint. Within seconds of bowing and shaking hands, Abigail sprang into action with a lightning 27-second armbar, securing her first victory.

Now, the anticipation was building to see who she would face in the finals. As the division narrowed down, Abigail found herself confronting one of her good friends. Facing a friend in the finals is no easy task, but work must be done before handshakes can be shared afterward.

In a surprising twist, her friend (and opponent) managed to pull guard, placing Abigail in a comfortable yet unfamiliar situation. Passing the guard in competition can be incredibly challenging. After several attempts, Abigail successfully maneuvered past the guard into a strong kesa-gatame position. Almost immediately after the referee raised her hand to award the points, Abigail was already standing up in victory. Her opponent verbally tapped out to an Americana, a move Abigail is known for at the academy. With the battle concluded, the girls could return to playing and being friends.

With 2 submission victories, Abigail solidified her position atop the podium with a gleaming Gold medal.



2-1 : Silver Medal
 32-6 on points

The day kicked off with young Mishel. Struggling to find opponents, she entered the boys' division. Feeling strong and confident, the first match began with a quick takedown, leading to a resounding 16-0 victory in her favor. The second match proved challenging, with multiple escapes and positional exchanges, but Mishel emerged victorious once again, with an impressive score of 16-6. However, the finals didn't swing in Mishel's favor this time. Her opponent swiftly executed a headlock takedown into a choke, forcing us to tap out. Despite this, there were no tears for the Silver medalist, as Mishel displayed great courage competing in the boys' division and achieving such outstanding matches.



The next match was a testament to heart and perseverance. Young Calder had never competed before, and his opponent was determined to push him to his limits. Fending off four rear-naked choke attempts, escaping from multiple disadvantageous positions, and never giving up, Calder demonstrated true toughness in surviving his first match without being submitted. Some believe victory can only be achieved through submission. While we entered this competition adhering to rules and scores, true jiu-jitsu lies in defending oneself when it matters most. Calder's ability to fend off an impressive opponent without being submitted speaks volumes of the skills he is developing in jiu-jitsu.

fama brazilian jiu jitsu bjj kid with silver medal


0-1 : Bronze Medal

In Isabelle’s debut match, she faced a seasoned competitor and former teammate. Even at a young age, some children have been competing for years. Isabelle managed to hold off a tough leg triangle choke for nearly two minutes before ultimately being forced to tap. The leg triangle choke is among the most challenging submissions in BJJ competition. Despite the disappointment, Isabelle maintained a smile, recognising the camaraderie of competing among friends and former teammates. Isabelle walked away with a bronze medal; in IBJJF, there isn't a separate match for bronze. Instead, they award a double Bronze to the third and fourth-place competitors.

Abigail (NoGi)

1-1 : Silver

It was Abigail’s turn to compete again, but this time in the NoGi division. While she's an avid competitor in the gi, this was a whole new world for her. Same rules, but a completely different experience. In the beginning of the first match, Abigail wasn’t quite herself. Posturing high and giving up grips in the standing battle, she, being mostly a guard puller, struggled. After being taken down not once, not twice, but three times, Abigail found herself behind on the scoreboard, six to nil. But with Abigail, she’s never truly behind.

After the third takedown, the referee reset them in the center of the ring, inside Abigail’s guard. In the blink of an eye, Abigail locked in her patented armbar for an amazing comeback-from-behind victory. Hoping that the NoGi jitters were gone, we went into our second match for a possible gold medal. NoGi was still rather new for Abigail, but she enjoyed it. NoGi can be fun, so putting it on the line and stepping out of her comfort zone was awesome. Unfortunately, our opponent was able to secure the victory today, so Abigail finished with the Silver medal this time. Abigail will definitely learn from this new experience, as jiu-jitsu is jiu-jitsu, regardless of gi or NoGi.

fama singapore brazilian jiu jitsu bjj kid on podium winning silver medal


2-0 : Gold Medal

Next up was the talented and confident Jayden. With several competitive gold medals back at home, Jayden set his sights on yet another. Just before stepping onto the mats, Jayden revealed his goal of trying to get the “fastest submission” of the competition. This is a good goal but can be risky, as anyone could be overlooking the abilities of their opponents. Jayden, with a quick guard pull, was hoping to secure this goal, but his opponent was tough. It was a battle of Jayden relentlessly attacking and building angles to look for this “quick” submission. The submission did eventually come, but not at the speed at which Jayden was hoping for.

Noticing that Jayden was rushing most of his movements in the first round, we advised him to forget about this fast submission and showcase the beautiful jiu-jitsu game he works so hard to build. For the second match, Jayden wasn't fixated on this goal over his head. He was able to go out there, play his game, and walk away with not only a second submission but the Gold medal.

fama singapore brazilian jiu jitsu bjj kid on podium winning gold medal

FaMA Team Results:

With only a small group of seven kids, we achieved remarkable success:

• 2 Gold medals

• 3 Silver medals

• 1 Bronze medal

• 9 wins and 6 losses

Despite our small size, we had an amazing experience. Many people came out to support and cheer for these young champions. Several children stepped onto the competition mats for the first time ever. Competitions can be incredibly scary and intimidating, and nothing can fully prepare you for it. The environment is something that takes time and experience to acclimate to.

FaMA boasts an incredible team, and our aim is to foster a positive experience in the competitive scene. Regardless of the results, it's always hugs and smiles for these young warriors. They worked tirelessly to prepare for this weekend, and their victories can be shared with all their teammates and training partners who helped along the way.

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