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FaMA Weekly #114

fama weekly singapore brazilian jiu jitsu bjj belt promotions

In this issue of FaMA Weekly we wish everyone a Happy New Year, wish Coach Kirstie a Happy Birthday, welcome a few new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Purple Belts to the team, review all that's happened in 2020 and finally Kru Yo talks about earning a living as a Muay Thai fighter.


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fama singapore kids martial arts bjj stephen procida

That’s a wrap on 2020.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the mats in the new year and ready to take on whatever 2021 throws at us.

Please note that we will be returning to our normal class schedule effective 2 January 2021. Click here to see the updated schedule.



Happy Birthday Kirstie!

fama singapore kirstie gannaway birthday

Join us in wishing FaMA Fit and Little Tigers Muay Thai Coach, Kirstie Gannaway, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


FaMA 2020 Year in Review

fama 2020 year in review

With 2021 upon us, we would like to thank our incredible community for all their support and for helping us face 2020's challenges. Together we have made it to Phase III and look forward to another year full of challenges and growth from where we’ll create new memories.

Now join us as we wrap up the year and share how the FaMA Community made the best of 2020 and ended the year strong.


1. Putting the Band Back Together

11 January

fama 2020 year in review kru yo with ajarn dang

It was an honour having Ajarn dang back as Muay Thai Guest Instructor and seeing him together with Kru Yo on our mats. For those of you who don’t know, it was Kru Yo who introduced us to Ajarn Dang and it was Ajarn Dang who trained Kru Yo since he was a little boy all the way to a 4x Lumpini Champion.


2. Chinese New Year FaMAly Dinner

20 January

fama 2020 year in review team chinese new year dinner

As the team grows, so do our CNY team dinners. What was once a small group of instructors and staff has now blossomed into an extended family of assistant instructors, loved ones and even a few children.


3. Winner of Best Academy

2 February

fama 2020 year in review winner of best academy bjj competition

At one of the few BJJ competitions this year, FaMA won the Best Academy award with 14 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze medals at Singapore Grappling Championship: Gi Open 2020. An accomplishment that wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of our Professors, Assistant Instructors, classmates and the support of the entire FaMAly on and off the mats.


4. Special Guest

1 March

fama singapore bjj dj jackson guest

It was amazing having BJJ World Champion, DJ Jackson, with us for a few days. Here he is with the infamous Friday 6:45 am BJJ PORRADA crew.


5. Team Effort

8 March

fama singapore team bjj competition

14 Gold, 5 Silver and 4 Bronze medals at the Singapore Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open 5.

“It’s a blessing to be surrounded by family and it’s an honour to be part of yours. Thank you to the professors, coaches, families and friends.” - Coach Steve


6. The Straits Times

22 March

fama singapore bjj straits times

With the safety measures starting to be introduced, we were honoured to be mentioned in The Straits Times highlighting our efforts in practicing social distancing at the academy.


7. Circuit Breaker

3 April

fama singapore academy close for circuit breaker

Though it was challenging, we managed to keep our doors open and run classes for our community all the way to the end. After a final team meeting and some planning, cleaning and packing up our belongings, we said our goodbyes and headed home.


8. FaMA Live

11 April

fama singapore online zoom classes

With the help of our Assistant Instructors, the FaMA Team kept our community engaged with online fitness and martial arts classes, recommendations, video challenges, live cooking and art classes as well as Saturday Night Breakdown.


9. FaMA Reopens

17 June

fama singapore muay thai bjj classes return phase 2

With a lot of new health and safety rules in place, we finally reopened our doors. With the support of our community, we were able to navigate through these interesting times and followed the guidelines to keep everyone safe while continuing to provide fun and engaging classes.


10. Return to Grappling

19 November

fama singapore return to grappling bjj phase 3

With the latest guidelines, we were finally allowed to grapple and roll with each other again. Our community waited a long time for this day and it was a big step in helping things get back to relative normality.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt Promotions

fama singapore bjj brazilian jiu jitsu blue belt promotion with professor robyn

Congratulations to BJJ Teaching Assistant, Kinaree, and Assistant Instructor, Tim, on being promoted to Purple Belt as well as longtime FaMA member, Yann, being promoted to Blue Belt.

A great way to end the year for these dedicated students and practitioners.


Earned Their Stripes

fama singapore kids martial arts brazilian jiu jitsu bjj stripes with professor robyn
fama singapore bjj belt stripes

Well done everyone on earning new stripes on your BJJ belts this past week.


Saturday Night Breakdown Clips

In this week’s clip Kru Yo talks about competing with injuries and how Muay Thai fighters are emotionally incentivized to win and earn a living.

From episode #9 (13 June, 2020).

Click here to watch more Saturday Night Breakdown Clips.


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FaMA - Fitness and Martial Arts

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