FaMA Weekly #82

In this issue of FaMA Weekly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Guest Instructor Professor Aldir sends some words of encouragement, the FaMA team translates "martial arts", Kru Yo share a few Muay Thai combos to do from home and finally part two on how the circuit breaker is circuit connecting our FaMAlies.

It Runs in the FaMAly:

Circuit Connector, Not Circuit Breaker

Part II

Being cooped up at home together 24/7 can mean sometimes getting in each other’s way. For some of our FaMAlies, these challenges have become opportunities to work out their differences and enjoy their time together. They tell all here...

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What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a new painting from your little one.

Thank you Assistant Instructor Sue-Ann for giving a wonderful painting lesson to the FaMA Kids last Sunday morning. We didn’t know we had so many amazing little artists in the FaMA community.

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Dear friend and FaMA’s first-ever BJJ Guest Instructor, Professor Aldir, sends some words of encouragement to the FaMA community.

Don't let your Muay Thai skills slip during the circuit breaker. Follow along Kru Yo as he shares new Muay Thai combos to add to your shadowboxing.

Monday, 11 May

A good combination to help build muscle memory in ending your attacks and blocks with a kick.

1. jab 2. lead push kick 3. jab, cross 4. lead switch kick 5. jab, cross, hook 6. rear kick 7. rear leg block/check 8. rear kick

Thursday, 14 April

A great combination to help remind you not to waste the opportunity to counter with kicks right after blocking/checking their kicks.

1. jab 2. lead push kick 3. lead leg cross block/check 4. rear knee 5. rear leg block/check 6. rear kick 7. lead leg block/check 8. lead leg switch kick

The FaMA community is what keeps us together but it was the martial arts that brought us together.

• Bahasa Melayu - seni mempertahankan diri • Chinese - wǔshù • Portuguese - artes marcias • Spanish - artes marciales

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